Friday, August 27

Here we go, here we go, here we go!

So ... all packed up, ready to go ... leaving at 07oo hours in the morning (Strewth!!!) ...

I'm not sure that I've quite taken in that I'm going back to Manchester; and not just visiting - staying!!! This weekend will be really nice as I'll be catching up with people from my old church which will be cool and then meeting up with the guys from The Plant ... they seem like a cool bunch of people and it will be an honour to work alongside them for the sake of the Gospel!

Anyway ... can't write too much as I need some sleep before our early start tomorrow. Not sure when I'll next be online so it could be a few days before the next update!

Ciao! (For now!!!)

Wednesday, August 25

Dangerously regular!

All I can say is ...


I don't actually have any news, except Man Utd 3 Dinamo Bucharest 0 (Man Utd go through to UEFA Champions League Group stages)

Oh yes, and Arsenal 3 Blackburn 0 ... Grrr!!! Stupid Gooners set new English record for 43 league games unbeaten ... This may be sour grapes talking, but I would like to remind all those pundits and football commentators that Arsenal did NOT finish the Season unbeaten. They lost to Chelsea and Inter Milan in the Champions League, Man Utd in the FA Cup and Middlesbrough in the Carling Cup. They were unbeaten in the Premier League, which is an amazing, fantastic achievement (although things might have been totally different if Van Nistelrooy hadn't fluffed his last minute penalty at Old Trafford!) but ... IT IS NOT correct to say that they went the whole season unbeaten.

That was most definitely the sour grapes talking, but I frankly don't care. Too busy willing someone to beat Arsenal ... and soon! It's getting unbearable and they need bringing down a peg or two before they start having delusions of immortality and invincibility! This is not as satisfying though, as when Abramovich gets bored with his Chelsea plaything and goes off in search of a new thrill and the whole thing collapses .... Hee hee hee ... It's just too wonderful to imagine! I would particularly like to see Peter Kenyon's face then ... Claims to be a devoted United fan and walks out the minute a load of oily Russian cash is waved in his face! Muppet!

My lawyers are telling me I need to stop there before I get myself in big trouble.

As I said, no news ... so just a football related rant ...

Until next time!

Tuesday, August 24

The Saga continues ... without Jar-Jar Binks

This post has only one purpose ... to show that I AM going to update it more regularly than the others.

Anyway ... now that I've started, I may as well say what I've been up to today.
Firstly I got up, then I went out to buy a newspaper, then I made some bread with my mum, then I played some computer games, then I went to the dentist, then I went home and ate some of the bread, then I watched "A Bug's Life" with mum, I played some more video games, had dinner (Roast Pheasant ... Mmmmm!!!), then went on the computer to check & send e-mails and update my blog ... which is what I'm doing right now ... WILD!!!

A nice relaxing day all in all ... still not quite come to terms with the fact that ... I'M GOING BACK TO MANCHESTER ON SATURDAY!!! WOO-HOO!!!

Monday, August 23

A new job ... A new blog!

This could easily turn into a sickly sentimental piece, talking about all the wonderful friends I've made at Essex Uni the past few years (which I have) and how I'm going to miss them so much (which I am) and that this new blog is in order to keep in touch with all those wonderful lovely people and let them know how I'm getting on in Manchester (which it is ... sort of!)

But actually, to be honest the reason for the completely new blog is that I have completely forgotten my password for my previous Blogger account and I had registered my Essex Uni e-mail address for sending password information to ... this E-mail address has now expired ... And so to all those who just shook their heads and said "Joe, you muppet!" you're absolutely right.

I'd also like to apologise for my poor record at updating my previous blogs and I will do my utmost to maintain this and keep you all dangling on the edge of your seats in suspense and excitement as to the details of my rather wild (ahem!) life ...

I finished working as the Anglican Chaplaincy Assistant at Essex Uni at the end of July and after a week back in Wokingham with the folks, I went to Ellesmere 2. This is a Christian Activity Holiday for 14-18 year olds (CYFA) held at Ellesmere College in Shropshire. It was a great 9 days of fun, friends and Bible teaching. I was with the oldest dorm of five 17 and 18 year old lads - and the experience showed; we were victorious in 2 of the major Dorm competitions. The first involved building an Alien Catching device out of cardboard and other assorted bits, then advertising our product and then catching some aliens with it! The second involved going around Wrexham hunting leaders dressed up as various different things (Snooker players, Roman soldier, Marines, Drain Fishermen, Surgeons, Academic & student) and taking photos. I was actually one of the leaders dressed up and we certainly got an interesting reaction from the Wrexham public - some didn't believe us even when we told them what we were doing!
We also got one of the best times in the "Atlas Doughnuts" competition (which basically invoiolved eating doughnuts as fast as you can!) I had drawn the short straw by having to do the last talk of the Camp, all about "Keeping Going" ... but it seemed to go well (despite my eartly nerves and trembling hands!) and I got a number of appreciative comments afterwards ... which was nice!

After that it was back to Wokingham (no thanks to Virgin trains!) for some rest. Happily, this was interrupted by the wedding of 2 good Uni friends Jon and Sarah, in Wokingham. It was a great occasion - not least because we were quite close and were able to host some of the band members and other guests staying over. The service was really well done - well led, Jon and Sarah clear and firm in their vows, the music was great, the talk was entertaining and the evening reception was a great chance to speak to people I hadn't seen for a while! It was really great to see lots of very good friends - particularly with my imminent move North - it's likely that weddings and the like will be the main reunion chances in the future.

Today (Monday) I had a really good day with Chris, one of my best friends from Uni. We had a jam session on the guitars this morning and this afternoon we watched MASH and the new Italian Job. That was really good as I'm not sure when I'll see Chris before he gets married to Louise in January (I'm Best Man ... Wahey!!!). The rest of this week will probably be spent relaxing and then packing and prioritising what stuff to take to Manchester! We leave 7am on Saturday morning ...

And so I have almost come to the end of an era ... four brilliant years of my life in Southern England are drawing to a close as I prepare to return to wonderful beautiful Manchester and begin working for "The Plant", an evangelical Church set in the University areas and the subject of a fair amount of controversy and discussion - and that's even before we've started meeting! It looks a really good and exciting project, which is seeking to communicate the Gospel message to those who haven't heard it and to provide good Bible teaching, fellowship and encouragement - all in a friendly, open and welcoming environment!

Until the next time ...

Take care of yourselves ... and me!

(And each other, I suppose)