Wednesday, August 25

Dangerously regular!

All I can say is ...


I don't actually have any news, except Man Utd 3 Dinamo Bucharest 0 (Man Utd go through to UEFA Champions League Group stages)

Oh yes, and Arsenal 3 Blackburn 0 ... Grrr!!! Stupid Gooners set new English record for 43 league games unbeaten ... This may be sour grapes talking, but I would like to remind all those pundits and football commentators that Arsenal did NOT finish the Season unbeaten. They lost to Chelsea and Inter Milan in the Champions League, Man Utd in the FA Cup and Middlesbrough in the Carling Cup. They were unbeaten in the Premier League, which is an amazing, fantastic achievement (although things might have been totally different if Van Nistelrooy hadn't fluffed his last minute penalty at Old Trafford!) but ... IT IS NOT correct to say that they went the whole season unbeaten.

That was most definitely the sour grapes talking, but I frankly don't care. Too busy willing someone to beat Arsenal ... and soon! It's getting unbearable and they need bringing down a peg or two before they start having delusions of immortality and invincibility! This is not as satisfying though, as when Abramovich gets bored with his Chelsea plaything and goes off in search of a new thrill and the whole thing collapses .... Hee hee hee ... It's just too wonderful to imagine! I would particularly like to see Peter Kenyon's face then ... Claims to be a devoted United fan and walks out the minute a load of oily Russian cash is waved in his face! Muppet!

My lawyers are telling me I need to stop there before I get myself in big trouble.

As I said, no news ... so just a football related rant ...

Until next time!


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