Tuesday, August 24

The Saga continues ... without Jar-Jar Binks

This post has only one purpose ... to show that I AM going to update it more regularly than the others.

Anyway ... now that I've started, I may as well say what I've been up to today.
Firstly I got up, then I went out to buy a newspaper, then I made some bread with my mum, then I played some computer games, then I went to the dentist, then I went home and ate some of the bread, then I watched "A Bug's Life" with mum, I played some more video games, had dinner (Roast Pheasant ... Mmmmm!!!), then went on the computer to check & send e-mails and update my blog ... which is what I'm doing right now ... WILD!!!

A nice relaxing day all in all ... still not quite come to terms with the fact that ... I'M GOING BACK TO MANCHESTER ON SATURDAY!!! WOO-HOO!!!


At 24 August 2004 at 23:02, Blogger Simon said...

Roast pheasant?!? That's a bit posh, isn't it?!?

At 25 August 2004 at 22:10, Blogger Phill said...


You'd better be careful -- your blog is beginning to reach the heady levels of excitement that my blog reaches...

Maybe we should have a competition - who can be the most boring? ;)

At 25 August 2004 at 22:11, Blogger Joe B said...

Yep ... maybe it is. Something I've wanted to try ever since reading "Danny Champion of the World" by Roald Dahl (last week!!!) You'll be pleased to know that our pheasant was bought, not poached.

I doubt it's going to become regular - but it was very enjoyable. A very tasty creature!


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