Sunday, September 19

Heads up!

What? Another post? Already? This blog is in danger of becoming like clockwork ...

This is just a short one to say look out in the next day or two for updates of the first official meetings of "The Plant" ... Very exciting! We have a meeting today (Sunday) at 11 o' clock, which is cunningly called Sunday@11 and another meeting on Monday evening at 7pm which is called (even more cunningly) Monday@7. I'm leading the music for both meetings ... which is nice. These are our main meetings of the week, but we'll also have Bible study groups, prayer meetings, Christianity Explored courses and all sorts of other exciting things going on during the week. More info is available from

If you're this way inclined, please do pray for The Plant team as we launch; pray for good early meetings which are friendly, informal and most importantly, where the Bible is faithfully taught - we want to be setting our stall out early so everyone can clearly see the aims and ethos of The Plant. Pray for people to come and join us, both Christians and non-Christians but without inadvertently or deliberately poaching from other local churches! Please also pray for me as I seem to have 1001 things to do at the moment ... there just aren't enough hours in the day.

Anyway, I said this would be a SHORT post, so I'm sorry for wittering. If you have any questions or comments about The Plant or what I'm doing here, either leave it in the Comments section or e-mail me:

Ta very much, like!


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