Monday, September 6

News at last!

Sorry my early regularity and enthusiasm died out ...

I've moved into a nice semi detached house in Rusholme on a road directly parallel to the infamous Curry Mile (YAY!!!) which is incredibly cool. I have not yet had a curry, though ... biding my time. I'm sharing with a guy called Andy who is working part time for The Plant but mainly doing Christian schools work in private schools in the North. He's a nice guy and supports Man Utd as well ... we're hatching a plan to try and get to some matches during the year.

Sadly we don't yet have Internet access, hence the lack of updates recently! First we need an active BT or NTL phone line ... BT can't send an engineer out for 2 WEEKS!!! And we haven't managed to contact NTL yet but that may take some time to sort out - Sally, the other Plant apprentice who lives in the next street, says it took NTL 3 MONTHS to connect them!

Anyway, got to dash, we're having fun with the brand new PA system for The Plant - trying to work out how to use it! Only Andy has some experience with PA and he's only around for one day a week with us - and not for our main Monday meetings! Ah well. I'm going to be looking after the music side of things - initially anyway and also be involved in the Christianity Explored course (or similar) and probably reading the Bible 1 to 1 with students.

Dunno when I'll be online again, but will update when I can ... I hope this is sufficient to satisfy your insatiable desire for news on my rather exciting (?!) life ...

Until next time ...

Badgers to you all


At 6 September 2004 at 22:10, Blogger Phill said...

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At 9 September 2004 at 14:16, Blogger Phill said...

Ok, I'd just like to defend myself here, on Joe's blog, where it is a little public.

Earlier today, Joe sent me a message to the effect that the display on his computer monitor had been rotated by 90 degrees.

My initial thought was that he'd physically turned the monitor, but as I credited Joe with enough intelligence to realise when the monitor was turned through 90 degrees. Obviously, I was wrong.

I sent back a reply saying I hadn't heard of it, and that perhaps he should check the cables and monitor options. You never know. Anyway, he sent a reply back saying that "we" (apparently he sent the message to multiple people) were all muppets, and that someone else had told him to physically turn the monitor back.

As I have already said, I credited Joe with the ability to spot when a monitor has been rotated, and consequently tried to send a sensible reply (albeit not at all helpful). Ergo I would like the 'muppet' comment to be retracted from me, and instead apply it to Joe.

Joe, you may consider yourself rebuked.

At 15 September 2004 at 18:07, Blogger Joe B said...

Ok, I consider myself rebuked ...

In my own defence, I had received texts from 4 Computer scientists all of whom suggested that I had managed to turn my monitor through 90 degrees without noticing ... Not very helpful ... Sensible advice prevailed, somewhat bizarrely, from Mr Phil Bradbeer who ordinarily prides himself on being especially "not normal". The guy even went to the trouble of ringing me as soon as he received my message and talking me through what I needed to do as I did it ... Thanks a lot, Phil!

Mr Phill Sacre is a good guy and whilst I cannot recall the original text nor did I receive a subsequent text from him, I am willing to believe that he retracted his accusation of complete computer related incompetence against me. Furthermore I fully accept his rebuke for my response and can only say it was a swift generic riposte to the general muppetry displayed by supposedly eminent Computer bods and that in all the swiftness I was too hasty in tarnishing Mr Sacre with the label of muppet. For this I apologise. Profusely.


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