Wednesday, September 15

Plants, Pots and Broadband Internet

Well now there is really no excuse for not blogging regularly ...

That is unless I have some work to do! As the title suggests (I love suggestive titles :P ) I now have Broadband Internet, courtesy of the lovely people at ntl ... I could go off on a big rant about the incompetence of BT ... so I will.

We contacted them for a basic phone service. All was looking fine and dandy ... but they told us that they couldn't get an Engineer out FOR OVER 2 WEEKS ... So we got ntl instead. It got ridiculous when BT sent us a leaflet last week saying "It's easy to come back to BT". NO IT'S NOT!!!

Anyway, enough of phone people - Cos that's actually quite boring. I'm now really getting into things at The Plant. One of my main responsibilities is looking after the music; some would call me Musical Director, others Worship Leader ... Personally I hate both terms so I think I'll just stick to Joe for the time being.

So far I've been compiling a list of songs for use at The Plant and putting them into a Spreadsheet with links to Txt files with the lyrics, a theme summary of each song and Bible references, and which Music books they appear in. It's taken quite a lot of work but I hope it will be a really good resource in the future! It's been great to establish a church's musical repetoire and means I can sift through all the bland and lame whilst keeping the gems of great Christian hymns and songs, old and new. Very exciting!

Anyway ... got to go ... I do have a life outside surfing and Blogging, you know!


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