Saturday, November 20

Band Aid - A Clarification!!!

Ok, it seems my earlier post on the Band Aid phenomena was slightly misunderstood. I wasn't criticising Geldof and co. for being ineffective - I had no access to statistics and so any judgment I could have made would have been uninformed.

My point was criticising the idea of especially wealthy celebrities lecturing the rest of us on world poverty, but even more than that, the perception that a charitable cause in itself is no longer enough to raise money. We see in Comic Relief, Children in Need, Band Aid a huge entertainment show being put on to motivate people to give to starving children etc, with the bait that they're getting something out of it as well. Why can't we give selflessly? Why do we always need something to sweeten the deal?

However (I tried to make this clear) I can understand Band Aid and the like making the most of the existence culture to improve the amounts of money and awareness they are trying to raise, and good luck to them. I just find it sad that for such a rich country, we are often only willing to put our hands in our pockets when we get something in return.


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