Thursday, November 25

Labour Out!


My friend Simon (from Uni) is starting a new site in the run up to a probable UK General election in 2005, devoted to ousting Labour from power. Sadly I can't link to his opening post cos a) I don't know how (it never seems to work for me) and b) His site is password protected ... Although the chances are, if you're a reader of my blog you will quite possibly have access to his anyway ...

Anyway ... He makes a very interesting point about New Labour's legislative agenda, as set out in the Queen's Speech. It seems 'Comrade Tony' is resorting to the kind of tactics that helped Bush finally win the White House for real; by creating fear and then promising a solution to it. As a Labour supporter, it is very worrying to see the party led by people with so much in common with one of the most right-wing US administrations (and the domination of the White House, Senate & House of Representatives by the Republicans will do little to quell the onward march of American interests around the world.) To my mind, it shows what a weak and unprincipled leader Blair has become, and that he has failed to use our close relationship with the USA to be honest with them (as friends should do). Dare I say, it makes one yearn for a bit of "Hugh-Grant-as-the-PM-in-Love-Actually-style-standing-up-for-our-country-our-principles-and-the-wider-interests!"

Whilst I do not relish a Conservative government and I don't think I could ever bring myself to vote Tory, and particularly not with Howard as Prime Minister it is certainly time for Blair to go. Whether the rest of the country agrees, we'll have to wait until next year to see. The ideal as far as I'm concerned would be a much smaller Labour victory in the country, but a slight electoral mishap for young Tony in Sedgefield. If Blunkett, Straw, Prescott and Reid could also be voted out, that would be worth celebrating!

New Labour has taken far too many backward steps in their grandiose plan for re-inventing and renewing Britain ... it's time for some new faces at the helm.

New Labour out!


At 25 November 2004 at 10:07, Blogger Simon said...

Joe, shouldn't be password-protected; if you're being prompted for a password please can you let me know!

You're welcome to join LabourOut as a writer if you like!


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