Saturday, November 20

Moulin Poo-ge

I know this post may put me at odds with various friends from Essex Uni, but having listened to them rave for 3 years about how great the film "Moulin Rouge" is, I thought I would see what all the hype is about and watch it as it was being shown on Channel 4 this evening ...

What I saw was quite possibly the most absurd, ridiculous and non-sensical trash I have seen in a while! And that was just the first half hour! Ok, so maybe it's not intended to be grounded in historical realism, but the sheer number of songs appearing in the early scenes was stupid, most 40 to 90 years before they were actually written! What really clinched it was the painful rendition of Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" ... by the top hat & tails gents and "ladies" of the Moulin Rouge. Ewan McGregor was reprising his horrible put on "Queen's English" accent from Star Wars and ... surprise, surprise - Nicole Kidman was the classy smouldering girl who everyone wants.

I switched off after 30 minutes of this rubbish and whilst some may think this means I'm in no position to judge it, I'm sorry but for me a film must operate in the same way as a book. If it doesn't grab me and interest me from the very start, I won't persist - and filmmakers have it much easier than authors in this regard. Maybe "Moulin Rouge" gets better as it goes along ... but frankly I can't waste time finding out if it ever does escape the absurdity of the opening half hour. As with many things, once you get past the hype, you often find there's only tripe.

As an appendage to the previous post - I thought today - what about the Lottery? That's partially marketed on all the good causes Lottery money goes to support - again an even more blatant example of bribery for charitable purposes! Support these great causes ... but more importantly, you could be very rich if you do!


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