Friday, January 14

Belief System

Found this quiz thanks to Zeth's blog ... you answer a series of doctrine questions and at the end it churns out what religious persuasion you are. Thankfully it still recognises that there are still areas of debate even within these fields ... Bizarrely, even though I don't completely fit their categorisation of Conservative Christian, I managed to notch up a 100% rating! It's not a perfect quiz and the multiple choice answers do tend to box you into positions that are not entirely yours or that don't accurately represent the true doctrinal position. If you want to take the quiz, you can take it here.

If you're interested, these were the matches based on my answers ...

1. Mainline to Conservative Christian/Protestant (100%)
2. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons) (87%)
3. Jehovah's Witness (82%)
4. Mainline to Liberal Christian Protestants (77%)
5. Orthodox Quaker (74%)
6. Seventh Day Adventist (68%)
7. Bahá'í Faith (56%)
8. Eastern Orthodox (52%)
9. Roman Catholic (52%)
10. Christian Science (Church of Christ, Scientist) (52%)
11. Liberal Quakers (45%)
12. Orthodox Judaism (45%)
13. Islam (41%)
14. Mahayana Buddhism (36%)
15. Theravada Buddhism (36%)
16. Jainism (34%)
17. Unitarian Universalism (33%)
18. New Thought (29%)
19. Nontheist (26%)
20. Reform Judaism (25%)
21. New Age (25%)
22. Hinduism (22%)
23. Neo-Pagan (20%)
24. Sikhism (20%)
25. Scientology (18%)
26. Secular Humanism (16%)
27. Taoism (16%)

Monday, January 3

Happy New Year!

As always, I'm running a little behind ...


And I apologise for my lack of recent updates. After a number of complaints (You know who you are!) I feel I need to stress the fact that my Internet access has been somewhat sporadic over the past couple of weeks as I've been off around different parts of the country ...

Tomorrow I have a conference with other people who are working as "Apprentices" with churches. It's run by an organisation called 9:38 (after Matthew 9 v 38) which encourages people to consider full time Gospel ministry. As Apprentices we're easy prey as we've obviously already shown some interest in full time ministry! It should be interesting meeting others in a similar position to myself, find out what sort of things they get up to and what they've learned from their experiences. The Bible teaching is being done by Richard Coekin who I understand is an excellent Bible teacher ... so that should be good as well!

From there it's back to Manchester to resume activities with The Plant ... I'll have to hit the ground running as I have lots of work to do for our Christianity Explored course and I also have a talk to to prepare for the Preaching Group at the NWP Course next week ... No rest for the wicked!

Enjoy the preliminary bit of 2005 ...