Saturday, February 12

Joe to Mission Control ... Over and Out!

What a week has it been!!! For the past 7 days it has been Mission Week for the Christian Union at Uni of Manchester (known as UMCU). I was helping out as one of the "esteemed" CU Guests (CUGs), which was fun ... along with another group of CUGs from St Helen's in London.

The main speaker was Nigel Beynon who is Student Minister at St H's. And I have to say, the guy is a legend! Brilliant Bible teacher, an extremely engaging and entertaining speaker, a really nice guy to boot and the illustrations he uses in his talks are just inspired! If you ever get a chance to hear him ... DO IT!!! Each day there was a lunch bar event looking at difficult questions such as "How can God allow suffering?" "Can I trust the Bible?" "Can a God of love send people to hell?" among others and then we had an evening event with talks on Relationship with God, Believing in Jesus, Jesus' Death and Resurrection.

It was also good to see in the Q&A after the talks, the Christian faith standing up to the various objections and challenges thrown at it. I've certanly learned a lot about giving Biblical answers to the various difficult questions that people have.

A number of people signed up for "Encounter", a 5 week evangelistic course being run by the CU and the gospel was proclaimed to many students over the week. Very encouraging. All we need to do now is pray that God's gospel does it's work as his power for salvation, that he will work in the hearts and minds of these students so that they might come to submit to the Lordship of Jesus and accept his saving grace.

So now being tired, relieved of duty and in great need of rest, I plan to spend most of my Saturday ... well, playing video games for several hours ... with a little help from my friends Mr. Video Projector and Mr Big Projector Screen.

Oh, boy ... this is going to be good ...