Sunday, April 3

God on God ... and other things!

Well, it's been quite a week! From Easter Monday to Friday I was attending the Church Student Ministries "God on God" conference in Herefordshire. Student groups from evangelical churches in Manchester, London, Birmingham, Exeter, Hull and a few other places came together for 5 days of quality fellowship and Bible teaching.

The past few years I've been to Spring Harvest at this time of year and apart from UCCF's "Word Alive" programme running for one of the weeks I've been pretty disappointed with the quality of the teaching. Much more presentation and entertainment over Bible content it seems. Anyway, I would highly recommend the "God on God" conference for any church student group. Each year we take a Bible doctrine and spend 5 days really getting our teeth into it. This year we were thinking about God's Sovereignty. It was pretty hardcore and intense, but well worth it.

Most of the teaching was done in seminar groups rather than up-front teaching, making for a more interactive & involved learning process as we looked at what pretty much the whole Bible said about God's sovereignty and we were challenged to live in the light of this teaching. We also had Review groups to think a bit more about what we'd learned that day and a small "Scripture-Under-Scrutiny" group that met after breakfast. In the evenings we'd have an "All together time" with singing, testimonies, open prayers and a Bible talk helping us to apply what we'd learned a bit more.

In all there were about 100 of us and it was really encouraging that there was a real sense of fellowship that prevailed between a lot of very different people - it just showed the unity possible in Jesus and his gospel. The food was absolutely fantastic - all proper home-cooked style nosh in vast quantities (including some of the best home-made pizza I've ever had!) A brilliant 5 days and one that allowed the group of us who went from The Plant to get to know each other a bit better!

So, if you go to a church that has a number of students there and want to encourage them to get some good Bible doctrine teaching, send them off to the CSM "God on God" Conference 2006 ... the topic in question will be "The Trinity & Relationships"

Anyways, I'm going to have a few more days off work before term starts next week and The Plant resumes normal term-time meetings! Hopefully I can get some more done towards my songs and the "Open Song Music" project with Crossring (Open Song - A free resource for the church of brand new Biblical hymns and songs of praise!)

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